Why Do I Have To Pay Money Which Will Be Refunded Back To Me?

we usually receive this same question from a lot of our clients and we will be happy to clarify it.

In an average in a working day we ship out about 92 pets all over the united state right up to Canada and other international countries. Must of these clients are usually in need of other accessories like thermal electronic crates and Insurance clearances in some states and countries. must of this accessories need to be hired because it is usually very expensive when we ask the client to purchase it. So we normally ask the clients them selves to pay for the hiring fee because we are working with many clients in one day and shipping our different pets of different classes and if we have to pay this hiring fee for our clients then we will be budgeting more than $100 000 every day for related cases.  This has affected our company cash flow a lot and has also cause a lot of delays in the shipping process of must pets. That is why the clients them selves hiring their facilities help us to be proceed with the delivery of the clients pet at the same pace he or she wants.

The only thing we are too sure about and have 100% done to all our clients is to refund them at the appropriate time with no delays once the shipping process is completed.

What You Need To Be Able To Get Your Refunds. 

what you need to be able to get your refunds once we arrive at your door step is a valid Identification document like an ID card or Drivers licence bearing  your full names given by your sender during the registration of the puppy.

once you have this is possession, you will need to sign a document once our agent get to your door step for home delivery or at your closest airport for airport pick up and your funds will be given to you together with your puppy.

Rental Fee 

A rental fee normally ranges from 2 to 4% of the total money paid by the clients. This small percentage deduction is usually to compensate for the damages in some of these accessories. So lets say if a client hire a thermal electronic crate for $1000, normally about $970 will be refunded upon the delivery of the puppy.  In some cases, our insurance scheme cover all rental fees .

Always fee free to contact customer service if there is some thing you wanna be clarify on.

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