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Exporting your pet from any part of the world can be very stressful and needs a great deal of research and planning. By using Golden Pets we can take away all the added stress from you, leaving you to concentrate on the rest of your family’s move.
We can offer a range of services for customers seeking to fly their pet locally and abroad:.

We are a team of 91 employees with pet nannies, our company van drivers and other workers include. We have our branches and presence in almost all the states in the United States and we are good at ensuring your pet shipping quote is accurate and complete
Booking flights for your pets on the most direct route
Ensuring you are happy and have an understanding of the time frames required in shipping your pet
Collection from the address of where the pets are staying in advance of their flight
Confirming and arranging all the relevant documentation and confirming it is complete.
Providing your pets with the right air kennels for a comfortable and safe journey
Delivering the pets to the airport in time for their departure

.Over a thousand pet owners (which translates into many thousands of pets) have entrusted their cats and dogs to our service. Their pets arrived at the correct place, in good health, easily cleared the destination veterinary authorities, at the invoiced price, and with the owners thanks.

AVOID THE WORRY. Are you sure that you, and your vet, will get everything done correctly? How much time, effort, and stress will it take you to learn everything that is required, tell your vet what to do, rush everywhere getting it all done, and sort through the mess of paperwork to confirm that it’s all letter perfect? Does it all really have to be letter perfect? Is your vet really responsible for getting it right without detailed instructions, and what happens if you both get any of it wrong? What if, on the flight
PETFLIGHT provides the best service, flying your pet any where in the world, and does it right.

Christopher Brown

"I will always devote my time to make sure I attain to all your worries"

Lora Spielberg

"As a pet Nanny, all pets are my very good friends love their company so so much"

Jessie Olive

"One of my Best moments is when see the joy on the faces of our Final clients when they finally receive their pets"

Pam Liton

"I have dedicated all my time to Logistic pets transport because of the love I share with the pets"

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